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Why are wasps considered pests?

Wasps are feared by many for what can seem like unprovoked attacks in the form of a sting.

Wasp stings, for most people, are simply very painful, but to a few, can prove fatal. If you are particularly sensitive to wasp stings, they can send you into anaphylaxis – a severe and potentially life-threatening allergic reaction. You should seek medical help immediately if you experience dizziness, breathing difficulties or a swollen face.

Generally, a wasp will only attack if it feels threatened. However, a distressed wasp can emit a pheromone, alerting nearby wasps to defend the colony/nest.

What does a wasp nest look like?

In Spring, the Queen wasps emerge as the temperature warms up. They begin building the nest which initially is the size of a golf ball. Over the course of the summer, the nest population will increase and the nest will grow in size as a result, resembling the size of a beach ball, often bigger.

Wasp Wasp

Where do wasps build their nests?

Wasp nests are commonly found in bushes, under trees, in loft spaces and wall cavities. However, we have previously treated wasp nests in lawn mowers and even in a vehicle stored in a garage!

You can usually locate the nest by following the ‘workers’ continuously travelling to and from the nest.

How can I get rid of wasps?

It’s worth noting that not all wasp nests need treating if there is no risk to public health. Wasps feed their grubs on insects so actually help keep some of these other pests under control.

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