Have you been hearing scratching or rustling in the loft? Are the trees in your garden being stripped of their bark? Have your bird feeders been knocked over or disturbed? It’s possible you have an issue with squirrels. Give us a call, we are experts in the treatment of squirrels. 

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Why are squirrels considered pests? 

Often thought of as cute and graceful, the Grey Squirrel is in fact an invasive pest species, not native to this country. The Grey Squirrel was introduced to the UK from North America during the Victorian era and in that time has proven to have caused much damage, most notably to homes and gardens as well as impacting the red squirrel population.  

In Your Home 

Squirrels tend to enter your loft space by gnawing their way in or under a roof tile. Once inside, they can gnaw on any timber or electrical wiring, tear up any belongings in storage or contaminate water tanks and the loft space with their urine and droppings. 

In the Garden or Forest  

Grey Squirrels strip the bark from trees causing them to gradually weaken and die. They prey on birds’ nests, stealing eggs and the young. They dig up flower beds and lawns to bury nuts. They are carriers of a disease which is one reason for the decline in the native red squirrel population.  

Are there any signs I have an infestation of squirrels? 

  • Food from bird feeders may have been stolen or the feeders might be disturbed or damaged. 
  • Bark may have been stripped from any trees in your garden. 
  • Scratching or rustling sounds in your loft space or wall cavity. 
  • Round shaped droppings in your loft and the smell of urine may suggest the infestation has been for some time. 
  • Holes or damage to your fascia or gaps under roof tiles. 
  • Seeing squirrels in trees or on fences that lead right up to your property. 

How can I get rid of squirrels? 

Simple. Give us a call! We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, by offering advice and resolving your pest problem in a professional and friendly manner.

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