Are mounds of earth regularly appearing over your land or garden? Looks like you have a mole infestation. A Mole infestation needs to be dealt with quickly and effectively to prevent damage/further damage.

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Soil Mounds

Why are moles considered pests?

More common in rural areas, moles can cause considerable amounts of damage to your land or garden by tunnelling through the soil. With more heavy infestations, the area can become unstable, and the appearance of holes may not only damage the foundations of your property, but the uneven ground can also pose a safety risk.

Are there any signs I have an infestation of moles?

Because their living conditions are dark and generally there is no light, moles have very poor eyesight so it is very rare that you will see mole activity above ground. Moles dig tunnels using their two large front paws to scrape away the earth and feel along tunnels with their snouts and whiskers. They push the earth above ground, creating the mounds you see.


How can I get rid of moles?

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