Are you persistently getting bitten by something? Is your pet fidgety, constantly scratching or even biting itself? Have you seen tiny fleas jumping on your carpet? Give us a call, we are experts in the treatment of fleas. 

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Why are fleas considered pests? 

Fleas feed on the blood of mammals and birds. Their bites can be irritating and itchy and particularly uncomfortable for your pet. 

Generally they pose no risk to public health, however, prolonged scratching can potentially lead to infection. 

Why do Fleas need to be dealt with quickly?

Fleas can be detrimental to a business’ reputation. Closing for extensive treatment can prove costly. It’s important to treat fleas at the earliest instance, as an infestation can quickly get out of control. 

Are there any signs I have an infestation of fleas? 


Are your pets fidgety and constantly scratching? Have you seen fleas on their coats? 


Usually found on your legs and ankles. If you hold your pet often, then potentially on your arms as well. 


Fleas are 2-3 mm in length and may be seen jumping on the carpet and soft furnishings 

How can I get rid of fleas? 

Simple. Give us a call! We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, by offering advice and resolving your pest problem in a professional and friendly manner.  

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