Do you keep finding an unfamiliar insect in your kitchen? Does it have distinctly long antennae? You could have a cockroach infestation. Give us a call, we are experts in the treatment of cockroaches. 

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Why are cockroaches considered pests? 


They are simply vectors of disease and therefore pose a direct risk to public health. Cockroaches are known carriers of organisms that cause food poisoning as well as other bacteria, such as salmonella, staphylococcus and streptococcus. 

Cockroaches travel from the drains into buildings, contaminating everything along the way as they forage for food and water. They regurgitate some of their partially digested food, also dropping faeces along the way. 


A company or organisation’s reputation can be tarnished by a highly publicised cockroach problem. Industries that handle food are particularly at risk and are more susceptible to cockroach infestations. 

Environmental Health Officers can issue enforcement notices to business owners who don’t have adequate pest management procedures in place. 

Are there any signs I have an infestation of cockroaches? 


In most cases, the first sign of an infestation is seeing one. The two common types of cockroaches in this country are the Oriental and German cockroaches. The adult German cockroach is a light yellowy/brown and is 10 to 15mm long, with two distinguishable dark stripes. The Oriental cockroach is shiny black or brown and measures around 20 to 24mm long. Both have distinguishable long antennae.  

The German cockroach favours higher temperatures and humidities and can be found behind kitchen appliances, such as your fridge or oven. Oriental cockroaches will thrive in cool, damp areas such as basements and drains. However, any area with food, water and dark spaces to hide are ideal environments for cockroaches to live. 


Other signs 

Large infestations will leave a strong odour. You may notice damage to food and its packaging. As cockroaches grow, they shed their skin which can be seen and spotting their droppings is also a sign 

How can I get rid of cockroaches? 

Simple. Give us a call! We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, by offering advice and resolving your pest problem in a professional and friendly manner.

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