Do you wake up each morning itching and scratching, covered in small bites? Have you found dark reddish brown spots on your bedding? Are you worried you might have bed bugs? Give us a call, we are experts in the treatment of bed bugs.

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Bed Bug

Why are bed bugs considered pests?

The main reason bed bugs are considered pests is because they bite. At the moment there are no known diseases associated with bed bug bites, however, the reactions can vary from small red marks to irritating lumps. Scratching a bite can lead to infection and painful swelling.

Why do Bed Bugs need to be dealt with quickly?

Bed bugs can prove to be a costly pest to a hospitality business. As well as the cost of replacing mattresses, bedding and furniture, having to close for extensive treatment followed by a ruined reputation can ultimately be the most costly. Responding to an infestation of Bed Bugs rapidly and effectively is the best approach to minimize the damage caused.

Are there any signs I have an infestation of bed bugs?

Small, red and itchy/irritating. Typically found on the upper half of your body.

Faecal Spots
Tiny reddish brown faecal spots, found in clusters and usually under the mattress, on the frame or back of the headboard.

Adult bed bugs are flat and oval shaped. They are reddish brown and are of a similar size to an apple pip.

Blood Smears
Small smears of blood are usually found on the bed linen.

Bed bug skins and eggs
Bed bugs shed their skin as they grow and their eggs are small and white.

How can I get rid of bed bugs?

Simple. Give us a call! We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, by offering advice and resolving your pest problem in a professional and friendly manner.

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